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I'm a 30-something wife and mom and Sims are my escape when I have a few minutes of the elusive "free" time. I love to take photos of my sims and share them so this will be place for me to post pics of my sims and my "for fun" stories...and perhaps some other random non-sims things upon occasion.
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Somewhat happier pictures of Reed and Reece.

Crabby toddler x 2….I honestly don’t know which O’Dourke twin is which since I haven’t been in game in forever.  I think Reed is on top and Reece is on bottom, but I could be wrong. 

All was well with the O’Dourke canine population…then this happened.  RIP Newman…you were a good old dog :(

Rachel O’Dourke: Slob | Virtuoso | Loser | Night Owl

Initially, I had thought that Rachel looked too much like Hannah for her to be heir, but now I see the hair color fooled me into thinking they looked alike.  She’s definitely still in the running. 

Meanwhile, Rachel ages up with only her imaginary friend to laugh and point at her.

Todd and Hannah have twin boys.

Reece O’Dourke: Excitable | Eccentric

Reed O’Dourke: Loves the Cold | Good

Hannah chose the right room to go into labor in, at least.

Ryan is being a diva and his friend Lance is less than impressed.

Back to my Colby Random Town Jump…Hannah is still pregnant.